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Structural Parasitology
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About our group

My group is interested in understanding the structural basis of interaction between surface proteins of eukaryotic parasites and human host factors. Our goal is to use these structural insights to provide a foundation for the development of novel therapeutic strategies against neglected parasitic diseases.
We are using an integrated structural biology approach including X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering as well as single particle Cryo-EM together with a wide range of biophysical techniques for characterisation of protein-protein/ligand interactions. Surface proteins of eukaryotic parasites often adopt unusual folds. To obtain structural information we are using cutting-edge recombinant antibody and nanobody technology to create adaptor proteins for crystallisation as well as applications in single particle Cryo-EM. In addition, my group is adapting this technology for the development of nanobody-based therapeutics to overcome the limitations of current anti-parasitic drugs. The adjacent figure illustrates some of our lab themes.